¡Play SACNAS Lotería!

Lotería is a traditional Mexican game of chance similar to bingo. SACNAS lotería is an opportunity for conference attendees to explore all of the amazing parts of the conference, engage with fellow attendees and partners in a meaningful way, and get a chance to win fun prizes!

How to play: Complete each challenge by taking a photo/video or writing a social media post as directed per each card, post to social media (Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook), and include hashtag #SACNAS2020.

How to win: Players will be randomly selected from conference hashtag to win a prize — at least 1 winner EVERY day of conference! Complete more challenges for a better chance at winning!

Share what you’re looking for at this conference (e.g. inspiration, a mentor, graduate school options..?) Bonus: Visit the attendee directory to search for fellow attendees that could help you reach your goals and schedule a 1-1 video chat.

Go to the Expo Hall and visit at least 1 premium exhibitor booth to collect a card from their “Resources” listing.

If you’ve been to a conference before, share advice for a first-time attendee/student early in their STEM journey, to help them make the most of this experience.

Go to the Expo Hall and visit at least 1 corporate exhibitor booth to collect a card from their “Resources” listing.

Share #WordsofWisdom or something that inspired you from one of our keynote or featured speakers.

How are you celebrating your full authentic identity on screen this week? Take a picture in the photo booth and/or describe how you’ll bring your whole self to this conference and to STEM!

Visit a poster or oral research presentation and tell us about the presenter or 1 thing you learned.

Share some advice you received from a mentor you spoke with at Conversations with Scientists, or a SACNAS Mentor Judge.

Share 1 thing you learned during a professional development or STEM symposia session. If applicable, make sure to tag the session presenters!

Reflect and tell us briefly about your first experience with STEM, or how you decided to pursue a degree/career in STEM.

Why is SACNAS important to you? Upload a selfie using 1 of our virtual backgrounds and/or describe what SACNAS/this conference means to you.

BONUS – Create your own Lotería card! Share an image or icon and tell us the title (The ____) and a brief description.