Welcome to 2020 SACNAS – The National Diversity in STEM Conference

October 22 – 24 • Long Beach, CA

The largest multidisciplinary and multicultural STEM diversity event in the country, the SACNAS conference is a three-day gathering which serves to equip, empower, and energize participants for their academic and professional paths in STEM.

About The Conference

Over the course of the event, college-level through professional attendees are immersed in cutting-edge STEM research, professional development sessions, motivational keynote speakers, and the Graduate School & Career Expo Hall, as well as multicultural celebrations and traditions, and an inclusive and welcoming community of peers, mentors, and role models. Simply put, the SACNAS conference is a broadly inclusive space where you are encouraged and empowered to bring your whole self to STEM.

About Your Host: SACNAS

For more than 46 years, SACNAS has served as a broadly inclusive organization dedicated to fostering the success of Chicano/Hispanics & Native Americans, from college students to professionals, in attaining advanced degrees, careers, and positions of leadership within STEM.

About the Artwork:

“Nuevo Mundo”

by Miranda Villanueva

“Nuevo Mundo” is a piece by Long Beach artist Miranda Villanueva, based largely on elements from both the Tongva People (the original inhabitants of the area), the official seal of the city of Long Beach, and science. The focal point depicts a Tongva basket with an atom woven in the middle to symbolize how everything in life comes together in the end, despite the changes of time. Directly behind the basket are two Tongva people wearing masks, which depict the fearlessness and boldness of those faced to embrace change. Monarch butterflies fly between the two people, marking the formation of new beginnings. Finally, the raven mask signifies the complexity of being one with nature, while having knowledge, wisdom, and respect for the land.

In its entirety, the piece represents the historical transformation of the city of Long Beach, the evolution of the Southern California Coast, and the positive changes the SACNAS community is working to bring to all sectors of STEM